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March 2017 to ...
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Saturday 1st July 2017
St Paul's Church, Hills Road, Cambridge

Edwin Sung - 'A Wee Bit of Irish-Scottish Jig'
Tchaikovsky - Variations on a Rococo Theme 
soloist:  Kirsten Jenson
Bruckner - Symphony No. 5

Conductor: Peter Britton
Leader: Mateja Kaluza

July 2017 poster

Saturday 18th March 2017 
St. George's Church, Chesterfield Road

Wagner - Prelude and Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde 
Elgar - Sea Pictures
Soloist: Jessica Lawrence-Hares
Beethoven - Symphony No. 7

Conductor: Peter Britton
Leader: Mateja Kaluza 
 March 2017 concert poster (text below)